Ware Youth Center
Coushatta, LA

Coushatta, LA
Recreational Activities in the facility gym, on campus, or off campus. 

Activities on campus may include basketball games, dance-exercise, volleyball, badminton, softball, football, or fishing.

Off campus activities may include attendance at sporting events, movies, skating, local plays, or community activities such as “volunteer days” to plant trees or flowers.




Special recreational activities include festivals during the Fall and Spring with games and cookouts, plays commemorating other holidays such as Martin Luther King Day and Independence Day as well as guest activities such as World or Reptiles, horse shows, dog shows, and trained animal acts.

For Secure Care Residents, recreational activities are designed by the Recreational Specialist and are offered in the gym or in the secured outdoor gym. These activities may include basketball, volleyball, dance-exercise, and other games. Staff may provide an off campus outing such as shopping when a resident has demonstrated reliable, safe behavior and when the judge approves.